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Vernon is a compact rural community in Osgoode Ward in the southern part of the city Ontario.

There are a lot of reasons people in Vernon or even all of Ontario  may have trouble getting vehicle financing with bad credit:

  • No Credit – 1st Time Buyer or Minimal Credit History
  • Bad Credit Due to Missed or Late Payments
  • Bad Credit from Collections or Written off Accounts
  • Bankruptcy – Discharged or Current
  • Consumer Proposals or Vehicle Repossessions
  • Phone Company Accounts

We don’t care how you may have fallen into having less than perfect credit, we just want to help you get into that next vehicle!

We also have tailor made program for 

  • 1st time buyer
  • Minimal credit history
  • Your job is your credit

Apply for Your Car Loan Your online application takes only 2 minutes to complete and we only ask for information we actually need.